billy childish looks like some guy about to go on an arctic exploration voyage circa 1883.
today: musical variations on the same idea.
van morrison & them - just a little bit.mp3


billy childish & thee heatcoats - round every corner.mp3

okay, i usually hate it when people try this with songs. but maybe it's interesting when i do it..haha.


hey, i want to know who actually downloads these songs. so far i think it's just dane and john k. anyone else?? i just want to be pleasantly surprised, but probably no one else does read this.


uke of phillips

ever since i moved to chattanooga, i remember seeing this little worm-screaming-alien thing drawn in chalk on the back of the electrical room door behind greenlife. he had a giant eye and was shouting out "friends + relatives!" i always wondered what the hell that was about. i think i finally decided it was a joke, like only friends and relatives are allowed in the electrical room. but that didn't make sense. yeah, then i figured out only today, after two years of staring at that thing, that it is a record label a lot of punk kids here are into. and this guy is on there.
uke of phillips - le petit chien.mp3

I can't find out much info on the web about him. I know he is cajun and lived in a shack in Louisiana while making home recordings like this one. I know he wrote this song about a real dog (maybe the only contact he had in an isolated shanty) that he would see everyday...and then wonders what happened to him. So the best information I can really give is Uke of Phillip's Myspace Page. (link)



Robert Steven Moore (born January 18, 1952) is a prolific singer and songwriter. Often referred to as the "father of DIY home recording", he has maintained a remarkably low profile throughout a career which began in the early-1970s, which has led to his work being classified as outsider music. He has historically released this music through the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club, and more recently online and through various netlabels.
Biography- Raised in Nashville, Tennessee, the son of famed bassist Bob Moore (often confused with Elvis' guitarist Scotty Moore), the young R. Stevie Moore's musical tastes were often at odds with the predominant country music of the town. He was heavily influenced by the innovative music of The Beatles, and other British Invasion artists, and of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, among many others. After relocating to New Jersey he self-released hundreds of cassettes, CDs and home videos, and revelled in the freedom (and yet, curse) of being without a professional record label.
this is from the greatest hits compilation..which is not really fitting for any artist but especially this guy...called hobbies galore.
r. stevie moore - puttin' up the groceries.mp3
he has a really interesting website he designed himself with a page 'bout his cats too.


okay fuck me its ogg format. just covert it. it sounds way better.

Okay, so if I was going to post a song from this band, I probably should've done Satan's Fall. It is pretty long however.
Mercyful Fate is a Heavy Metal band from Denmark that formed in 1980, fronted by the extremely talented vocalist King Diamond. Along with Venom, Mercyful Fate's mixture of evil riffs and Satanic/occult lyrics helped inspire the Black Metal bands of the 80's, though their music isn't usually considered "Black Metal."
This song, Into the Coven, is pretty interesting. It starts out with classical renissance-y guitar stuff then descends into chaos and lots of banshee opera singing. Some of the more humorous lyrics are "Undress until you're naked...howl like a wolf and a witch will open the door" Me making fun of them aside, it is pretty awesome.
mercyful fate - into the coven.ogg


Kaiser George & The Hi-Risers - I'm Gonna Haunt You.mp3
okay, so that last one wasn't a real song of song substance. here is one.

This is a really short theme song for Kure Kure Takora, aka Gimme Gimme Octopus, a Japanese children's TV series about an octopus and a peanut who are in love with a walrus. Japanese mariachis play the theme song and the octopus plays air guitar. I always imagine the Japanese man singing this has rubber all over his face.
Gimme Gimme Octopus Theme.mp3


everyone likes elvis. almost everyone. i heard one time he ate all these uncooked noodles priscilla made in a lasagna to keep her from feeling bad. i also heard he would make her go take notes at occultist lectures and say stuff like "aren't you concerned with the ultimate truths of the universe, babe?" whatta guy.
elvis - it's now or never.mp3

don't know much about this band except they are from long island circa 1968.
bohemian vendetta - like stoned.mp3


New age music this side of whale noises

Tomita was born in Tokyo and spent early childhood with his father in China. After returning to Japan, he took private lessons in orchestration and composition while an art history student in Tokyo. He composed the theme music for the Japanese Olympic gymnastics team for the 1956 Summer Olympics in Australia.

In the late 1960s, he turned his attention to electronic music after hearing albums by Wendy Carlos in which Wendy performed classical music with the Moog synthesizer. Isao acquired a Moog III synthesizer and began building his home studio. He started arranging Claude Debussy's pieces for synthesizer and in 1974 the album Snowflakes are Dancing was released; it became a worldwide success. His version of Arabesque #1 is used as the theme to the astronomy TV series Jack Horkheimer's Star Gazer (originally titled Star Hustler) seen on most PBS stations.


Isao Tomita - Arabesque No 1.mp3


this is some new music. like 2005!

sunroof! - electric rainbow sabbath untitled 1.mp3


behold! link wray '77

i felt we needed some contrast with all the country blues. This song is from the spacemen above, written by giorgio moroder:

The song was popular in the UK for a short time in the early 70s and an even shorter time in the US.
Then Moroder invented disco or something...but this one has neat little electronic rainbow glitter dust sounds in it!!
chicory tip - son of my father.mp3

music for today: peg leg howell

peg leg howell - Rolling Mill Blues.mp3
Joshua Barnes Howell, known to Country Blues fans as "Peg Leg" Howell , was born on March 5, 1888 on a farm in Eaton, Georgia. As a child, he was around music all the time, but he did not take an interest in playing until he was almost 21 years old.
As story has it, Howell says he picked up the guitar one night in 1909 and stayed up until he learned to play. He continued working on the farm and played guitar in his spare time until an unfortunate event happened. He got into an altercation with his brother-in-law and was shot in his right leg. As a result, he lost his leg (hence the nickname), and was fitted with a prosthesis. No longer able to plow the fields or farm, he found a job in a fertilizer plant in neighboring Madison County. He lasted there about a year before he moved back home. Back in Eaton he took various jobs, but did not work regularly. In 1923, he moved to Atlanta and he played regularly with some other musicians, and they became known as "Peg Leg" Howell and His Gang.


okay time to get my ass back in gear & start kickin out the jams.
i think my one lonely reader, kriese, needs some more tunes.
before i post some music though check out this dude's site:
the dungeon master
today i thought i'd post howlin wolf because when i go to iceland i want to perpetuate the myth that it is always 100 degrees in the south and all we do is sit on the front porch, drink jack and listen to blues that sort of fit the mood of boiling alive in whiskey.
here is a picture of him trying to look polite and not like a gigantic man, but don't be deceived:

howlin wolf - moanin at midnight.mp3


gal costa, manilla road

this is good for the fuzzy guitar.
gal costa - deixa sangrar.mp3

this is good for the bad taste and lack of morals.
manilla road - crystal logic.mp3


kenneth higney - look at the river.mp3

this dude writes good lyrics.


myrmidons of melodrama

clark believes roy orbison is an alien who came to sing us songs. this is not as otherwordly as say, crying, but it is still a nice concept.
roy orbison - workin for the man.mp3

shangri las - it's easier to cry.mp3


what happens when everyone tries to do everything everywhere

here's a track from the slovenian band, laibach. they cover all of the beatles' let it be (aside from the title track) in neo-nazi weirdo way. one of dead milkman, rodney anonymous', favorite albums.
laibach - one after 909.mp3
here's a video link to another empowering boot stomping song:
laibach - life is life video