Don Armando's 2nd Ave Rhumba Band

today's music:
Don Armando's 2nd Ave Rhumba Band - I'm an Indian Too.mp3
thanks to my pal, john, for linking me as "lauren's ultra-groove musicbox" on his blog chasing the sun: the misadventures of john in japan.
i can't figure out this site's layout enough to return the favor. so this will have to do for now.


these people are pretty much fucking crazy!
what is Ya ho wa 13?
yaohwa 13 - fire in the sky.mp3




electric depression


what is uppp

two mp3s today. one from the band reyols. their drummer is the one with down's syndrome. really noisy and full of sludge.

reynols - loh fenser patagonla 01.mp3

rock n' roll is good for drinking. especially with hilarious lyrics.
lindy lane - low grades & high fever.mp3


clark is playing with michael hurley from this band right now. i am so jealous. i am writing a paper instead.
here is holy modal rounders - euphoria.mp3


the new rapture single sucks

this is a rare johnny rivers track...the same guy that did a lot of oldies AM hairy-chest sounding stuff. but this is good.

johnny rivers - that someone should be me.mp3

and the stranglers covering burt bacharach.
the stranglers - walk on by.mp3

insane crazy climb

leave comments to suggest themes or topics i can post single songs to...like hamburgers, or weekends, or blow jobs. anything you like! i will find a song that fits.
i wanted to post a david hasselhoff video too because youtube has a good one. what am i saying..they are all good.
i thought black people hated david hasselhoff?? what is going on?! no, everyone loves him of course.


album time!


wow mom it's easter.

i love you, j. mascis.

Witch - The Seer.mp3
i love you, delta 5.

Delta 5 - Try.mp3