Robert Steven Moore (born January 18, 1952) is a prolific singer and songwriter. Often referred to as the "father of DIY home recording", he has maintained a remarkably low profile throughout a career which began in the early-1970s, which has led to his work being classified as outsider music. He has historically released this music through the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club, and more recently online and through various netlabels.
Biography- Raised in Nashville, Tennessee, the son of famed bassist Bob Moore (often confused with Elvis' guitarist Scotty Moore), the young R. Stevie Moore's musical tastes were often at odds with the predominant country music of the town. He was heavily influenced by the innovative music of The Beatles, and other British Invasion artists, and of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, among many others. After relocating to New Jersey he self-released hundreds of cassettes, CDs and home videos, and revelled in the freedom (and yet, curse) of being without a professional record label.
this is from the greatest hits compilation..which is not really fitting for any artist but especially this guy...called hobbies galore.
r. stevie moore - puttin' up the groceries.mp3
he has a really interesting website he designed himself with a page 'bout his cats too.


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