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back with Music.
an all-girl choir covering knife's heartbeats.
scala & kolacny brothers - heartbeats (knife cover).mp3


so if you want to read about iceland...read my livejournal. i think i'll still keep this for mp3s. it's wonderfully more simple.
so here's some sweet ass soul.
brenda & the tabulations - the touch of you.mp3

the gee's - it's all over.mp3



hi sorry i've not updated in a while. the site will remain so too, because i am going to china! here's something to tide you over...
this is off the no thanks! 70's punk compilation.
the only ones - another girl, another planet.mp3


you decide

will flowers said the poppy family are like a nancy sinatra and lee hazelwood that don't suck.
poppy family - there's no blood in bone.mp3


billy childish looks like some guy about to go on an arctic exploration voyage circa 1883.
today: musical variations on the same idea.
van morrison & them - just a little bit.mp3


billy childish & thee heatcoats - round every corner.mp3

okay, i usually hate it when people try this with songs. but maybe it's interesting when i do it..haha.