everyone likes elvis. almost everyone. i heard one time he ate all these uncooked noodles priscilla made in a lasagna to keep her from feeling bad. i also heard he would make her go take notes at occultist lectures and say stuff like "aren't you concerned with the ultimate truths of the universe, babe?" whatta guy.
elvis - it's now or never.mp3

don't know much about this band except they are from long island circa 1968.
bohemian vendetta - like stoned.mp3


Blogger John said...

woot! The first song you've posted that I've already had!
It's now or never is a favorite of mine.

I love singing Elvis here. I wanna start a band so bad.

Oh, btw, I got pics of some rockabilly guys, ill post em later tonight when I spend several hours updating my blog to current.

7:10 AM, May 18, 2006  

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