uke of phillips

ever since i moved to chattanooga, i remember seeing this little worm-screaming-alien thing drawn in chalk on the back of the electrical room door behind greenlife. he had a giant eye and was shouting out "friends + relatives!" i always wondered what the hell that was about. i think i finally decided it was a joke, like only friends and relatives are allowed in the electrical room. but that didn't make sense. yeah, then i figured out only today, after two years of staring at that thing, that it is a record label a lot of punk kids here are into. and this guy is on there.
uke of phillips - le petit chien.mp3

I can't find out much info on the web about him. I know he is cajun and lived in a shack in Louisiana while making home recordings like this one. I know he wrote this song about a real dog (maybe the only contact he had in an isolated shanty) that he would see everyday...and then wonders what happened to him. So the best information I can really give is Uke of Phillip's Myspace Page. (link)


Blogger John said...

MSN Messenger is REALLY easy to find. Just type it into google and it'll be #1 I guarantee straight from Microsoft. I know they're evil, but it's a good program.

7:33 AM, May 29, 2006  

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